Harnessing Growth Mindsets

‘The Role of Mindset in Work Motivation and Performance’

Suitable for:
Teams of 15 - 100
Half Day or Full Day


Success in any business or organization can almost always be traced back to hardworking, motivated employees. We all know the difference between motivated and demotivated employees. Motivated staff are determined, purposeful and generate a positive atmosphere and ethic. Work for them is more enjoyable and this can be infectious. Now think of the opposite and then consider the impact of demotivated staff on your business or organization.

So what motivates employees? There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that, over time, work performance deteriorates as incentives increase. So if you thought that throwing money and extrinsic rewards at demotivated staff was the elusive silver bullet, then think again. The secret lies in intrinsic motivation, linked closely to implicit theories of ability to perform.


  • Investigate Employee Motivation Theories and Techniques
  • Challenge Motivation Myths
  • Help Teams Create a Culture of Motivation
  • Introduce the 3As of Intrinsic Motivation
  • Present the 7 Secrets of Employee Motivation
  • Consider, through carefully selected case studies, who gets it right and why.

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