Build Resilience, Build Results (Youth Leaders)

Best time to deliver:
Throughout the Year
3 Hours


Why are some young people resilient while others just give up? What is it that motivates young people? What is motivation and how can we truly impact on it? These questions are addressed in the 'Build Resilience, Build Results' workshop.

'Build Resilience, Build Results' is an interactive, activity-based workshop drawing on the latest educational research on Mindset and Motivation. Youth and community workers will examine the beliefs they hold around ability and intelligence and how these beliefs affect young people's motivation and engagement in society.

This workshop also incorporates tools and resources to help youth and community leaders apply growth mindset theory in their context. All activities are underpinned by relevant theory and are explicitly linked to better outcomes for young people.


  • Explore perceived definitions of ability, intelligence and genius, and investigate what being ‘smart’ actually means;
  • Reflect on their own experiences of intelligence and educational achievement, and consider how these shape their view of young people's abilities;
  • Be introduced to the idea of, and the research behind, the growth mindset, self theories and in particular the work of Professor Carol Dweck;
  • Explore tools and activities to help them incorporate the 'Growth Mindset' in their context

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